is a young and dynamic company in possession of enormous know-how and many years of experience

TUBEForce – a young company with great experience.  Thanks to having been in the market for many years and to having employees with sector experience, TUBEForce today offers the most sector know-how.

We specialise in constructing pipelines and tank facilities, particularly for oil supplies.....and we delegate responsibility right up to the front line by encouraging all those working with us to exercise their expertise, to be flexible and to think imaginatively.  Our employees are extremely well educated and work with the most modern aids.  We are constantly improving their know-how by sending them on specific further education and training courses.

TUBEForce does not go in for stereotyped thinking, so each installation is evaluated on an ad hoc basis with top priority being given to fulfilling the individual customer’s wishes.  We involve those working with us during the planning phase so that quality thinking revolving around the customer is put to maximum use.

TUBEForce offers Swiss quality at the highest level