Leakage warning systems

Leakage warning device TUBEForce

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Demand for monitoring for leakage comes not just from double-walled tanks or tank facilities buried underground but also from double pipework systems (that are difficult to access or working with large quantities, water-hazardous liquids and pressure ratios).  The monitoring is effected by means of controls in the clearance in the tank or double pipework.

The monitoring of collection tanks, filling control systems, minimum/maximum alarms in tanks and so on also fall under the heading of leakage warning systems.  Our range encompasses such products, which include level gauges. 


Ours is the first and only company developing and producing our own leakage warning devices to the very latest and exacting Swiss quality standards.

Under Article 32a paragraph 3 of the ordinance covering the protection of waterways, the owners or operators of leakage warning systems are obliged to service their leakage warning devices (tanks / double pipework / leakage probes) every second year.

TUBEForce undertakes the servicing of all devices.

Our service technicians are at your service 365 days per annum so that one leak never turns into a disaster.