Leakage warning devices

leakage warning device

New TUBEForce leakage warning device

The TUBEForce range encompasses three types of device – from conventional tank monitoring involving vacuums with interior claddings to low pressure devices for double-walled steel tanks or suction pipes right through to devices for monitoring leakages from double pipework.

  • Developed and produced in Switzerland
  • Stable steel-cladding with industrial lacquer and contemporary touch screen
  • Various modules such a leakage probe, oil meter, level gauge, and cathode protector can be switched on and operated using the Plug-and-Play system.  The device can thus evaluate and display counts, content and so on.  The data may be passed on to superior control systems.



You get the benefit of the advantages of TUBEForce’s new leakage warning devices.

The advantages make TUBEForce’s leakage warning devices absolutely unique and safe.

Leakage warning device TUBEForce

TUBEForce doubel-pipe monitoring device: TF-D1

For monitoring double-walled pipe systems. The clearance in the double pipe is permanently monitored for excess pressure.  If the pressure falls because of an impermeable point, then an alarm is set off and the conveyor mechanism alerted.


TUBEForce low vacuum tank monitoring device: TF-V1


TUBEForce low vacuum tank monitoring device: TF-D2