Oil supply

The leading partner for all aspects of your oil supply

We plan oil supplies for emergency power facilities and the boiler industry and bring them to fruition. Our job is to meet your needs.

We ensure the best possible technical solutions that meet your most demanding requirements as to quality. 

As your expert partner, we provide complete all-in-one solutions – from the tank to the power or burner unit.  These are, of course, supplied with appropriate leakage warning devices, with completion of the approval procedure, and with a comprehensive package of services.

We are Citec-Suisse [Switzerland’s association for the protection of waterways and for tank safety] partners and thus qualified and registered for all task areas.

You receive from us excellent service in all respects, from the planning through to the hand-over via execution compliant with water pollution control.


Synonymous with good advice and reliable planning

Reliable planning forms the basis for bringing your project to a successful conclusion. The earlier you involve us in the planning, the more you will benefit.


TUBEForce AG stands for:
Getting everything from one source

Fuel supplies are complete and in the main complex supply systems connecting tanks to emergency power or no-break power units.

Oil burner

You’ve come to the right place

From boilers in blocks of flats to industrial plant:
We cover the entire range when it comes to fuel supplies for boilers.


Everything runs like clockwork

It is obvious for TUBEForce as an All-in-One supplier that lubrication oil supplies for the usually very large engines of emergency standby systems be included in the planning and then in the execution of projects.