Fuel supplies for boilers


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From boilers in blocks of flats to industrial plant (giant boilers in district heating associations or industrial boilers for process heating systems, for instance steam production or the treatment of bitumen in asphalt plants):
We cover the entire range when it comes to fuel supplies for boilers.

In the same way as we take care of fuel supply systems for power units, we offer comprehensive engineering and complete execution of the pipework connecting tanks to boilers. Pump stations, pipework, oil pipework main tanks and day tank facilities. On request, we include monitoring equipment in the package we offer.

In the case of fuel supplies to boilers, the boiler factory is relevant for the configuration of the system as well as the local circumstances.  According to the make of boiler, different suction and pressure systems apply, which have to be tuned precisely to the boiler to ensure smooth functioning.

Oil street

In accordance with the applicable statutory provisions, the facilities are equipped with and monitored by the prescribed Double pipework systems and leakage warning devices.  TUBEForce AG’s employees are well aware of all the systems with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

In the case of conversion from the double-strand systems that have now been prohibited in Switzerland to single-strand systems, our employees have been decisively involved. This involvement, which has included the training of designers and suppliers of boilers, provides us as systems planners with invaluable know-how and unique knowledge-based advantages. As an All-in-One supplier we contribute decisively to the simplification of your processes.

Among our customers (for our complete services of engineering, installation of tank facilities, fuel supply systems, leakage warning devices, tankage linings and so on) we count the owners and operators of boiler facilities, the public sector, heating/ventilation/air-conditioning engineers, electrical engineers and installers, and boiler suppliers.