DeNOx plant / flue gas cleaning

DeNOx plant

Getting things clean

Waste gases arise from the combustion of fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) containing, among other elements, NOx that is damaging to the environment.  DeNOx plant is used to minimise nitrogen oxide.  After being treated with ammonia using what is known as the selective catalytic reduction procedure (SCR procedure), the nitrogen oxide is thus converted into nitrogen and steam, which are natural components of the air.  The environment is therefore not polluted.

As what is involved with this liquid is urea/carbamide, which has an aggressive effect on tanks  and pipes , we only use V4A quality stainless steel.

TUBEForce manufactures the tanks and pipework for DeNOx plant that has been installed, which is usually found in major furnaces or in emergency standby facilities.

If preferred, we also offer our partner firms’ complete systems.