Double pipe systems

For double safety

The TUBEForce double pipe system is used in the case of pipes laid out of sight and monitored by the double-walled clearance checking devices demanded by the cantonal authorities.

copper pipe


The TUBEForce double pipe TF-PROTECT IIk is a pre-fabricated double pipe with an internal copper pipe and a polyethylene external pipe.  The pipe is suitable for transporting petroleum with a capacity of up to 800 litres per hour and for distances of up to 200m at a time.

With our inter-pipe couplings, the pipe may be enlarged and extended almost without restriction.  Purpose-built screw fittings form the closures and these make it possible to monitor the intermediate space between the two pipes with excess pressure or vacuum leakage alerts and form an impermeable transition from double pipework to a single-wall system.

The TF-PROTECT IIk is obtainable with internal pipe dimensions ranging from 6 to 16 mm.

iNOX chrome steel tube


The TUBEForce double pipe TF-PROTECT-IIi is used in the case of larger outputs with higher pressure or conveying more aggressive liquids.

Compared with other products in this category, this chrome steel double pipe offers massive advantages: a smooth interior pipe surface, narrow radiuses, 2-mm wall thickness per pipe, optimum material properties and an optically elegant appearance.

Our specialists fabricate the TF-PROTECT-IIi pipe on site and in line with the local circumstances.


Quality and impermeability is constantly checked and logged.