For planning, producing, installing and maintaining them

The safe storage as well as the transportation of water-hazardous liquids is a matter of increasing importance.

TUBEForce brings many years of experience and valuable know-how into play from the planning and production right through to the installation and maintenance of tanks.

In the interest of the overall contractor, we set great store by giving timely advice and encouraging sound planning.  In this way attention must be given to deciding what type of tank facility and what tank volumes should be installed overall according to the extent of the water pollution zone concerned.

We assume the task of overall co-ordination in the case of tank facilities for industry and private households – from planning and approval through to transportation and the provision of a crane or special lifting gear.

The diversity of tank facilities in terms of shape, form of installation, material and content is very wide.   We will be pleased to explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of the various systems.

Our tank facilities programme is rounded off by the building of tank linings into new and existing facilities and by fitting our leakage warning devices.

We co-operate with local partners when it comes to cleaning out tanks and overhauls.

tank 50m3

Whether cubical and angular...

Cubical tanks are popular for installation in tank areas because of their low overall costs. Quadratic or rectangular shapes can be produced in various lengths, breadths and heights.

Cylindrical tanks

…or cylindrical and round

You can get cylindrical tanks both in double-wall and single-wall versions.  Double-wall tanks can be buried underground or installed freestanding above ground but single-wall cylindrical tanks only in an appropriate collecting tank.

Tankage coatings

For film coatings

Thanks to the building in of tankage coatings, thickness problems can be resolved very simply.