Cubical tanks

Whether cubical and angular...

Cubical tanks are popular for installation in tank areas because of their low overall costs. Quadratic or rectangular shapes can be produced in various lengths, breadths and heights. The tank facilities most frequently set up can be factory-welded in their entirety in the case of new constructions or welded on site.  These can also be built into existing buildings subsequently.  Connecting pipes can be added on to cubic tanks almost without limitation.

We plan tanks/oil tanks individually with the aid of the buildings concerned, the utilisation volumes and the periods of autonomy demanded – from which their sizes, numbers, the positions of their connections and so on are determined.

Single wall cubical tank facilities require in the main 100% collection tanks made of steel or film linings.

All tank facilities are produced in a standard way using ST37 in a material thickness of 5 mm.  Special fabrications for aggressive liquids are, of course, possible in chrome steel.  According to their statics, the tanks are strengthened internally with struts or the walls are provided with spikes.  Each tank is given a special internal protective coating and the specially developed TUBEForce anthracite protective paint (consisting of two components) on the outside.

All tank facilities are made to conform in terms of protecting waterways in line with the most up-to-date SVTI (Swiss Association for Technical Inspections) and KVU (public waterway monitoring) guidelines and dispose of the matching test numbers.  They are tested after production and obtain a test certificate.  

day tanks made of steel

Minitanks / day tanks made of steel

451–2,000 litres
Use: mainly for emergency standby supplies or industrial heating installations with several consumers or considerable pipe lengths

Minitanks / plastic storage tanks

Minitanks / plastic storage tanks

451–2,000 litres
Use: storage tanks without remote filling facilities
Please note: not approved as day tank facilities

Medium size tanks

Medium size tanks/storage tanks

2001–250,000 litres