Cylindrical tanks

…or cylindrical and round

You can get cylindrical tanks both in double-wall and single-wall versions.  Double-wall tanks can be buried underground or installed freestanding above ground but single-wall cylindrical tanks only in an appropriate collecting tank.

Cylindrical steel oil/petrol tanks are available in sizes from 3,000 to 150,000 litres. Such tanks are right for large storage volumes or for whenever a building does not have sufficient separate space for them.

Specialists with many years of experience produce the tanks and they naturally have all the necessary certifications and test numbers.  TUBEForce undertakes the overall co-ordination including planning, approval procedures, detailed drawings for distribution, transportation and burial right through to monitoring the tanks.

Spherical triple-walled polyester tanks can be used as an alternative to cylindrical steel double-walled tanks.  These are admissible for storing heating and diesel oil.

Polyester tanks are equipped with an additional inner hull.  These tanks weigh much less and are particularly sensible for tank facilities located in densely populated residential areas or that have to be buried using heavy-duty cranes. 

Spherical heating oil tanks are obtainable with volumes ranging from 2,600 to 12,000 litres.

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