Tankage coatings

For film coatings

Thanks to the building in of tankage coatings, thickness problems can be resolved very simply. The coating can be relatively simply built into new installations or indeed into existing structures. The condition of the tankage is of scarcely any importance here as small fissures and so on are simply covered over.

Tankage coating fulfils all the requirements in relation to protecting waterways and is perfectly installed by TUBEForce’s specialists.

Our film coatings for tankages naturally have the necessary SVTI [Swiss Association for Technical Inspections] and KVU [public waterway monitoring] approvals.

Tankage coating

Summary of the advantages:

  • for heating and diesel oil
  • for existing tankages or new constructions
  • independent of the condition of the space and able to be buried underground
  • long life cycle
  • maintenance-free
  • protects your property and contributes to retaining its value
  • protects against waterway pollution in the case of a tank being overfilled or leaking
  • fulfils all statutory requirements